The rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated...

Although not too greatly, unfortunately. To everybody, past and present people involved with the Guild, I am deeply sorry. This has just been a hectic year, and unfortunately many of the more enjoyable things -- like writing or this thing -- have had to take the very backest of back seats to some more necessary things. But the necessary things have been dealt with, at least partly, now, and so I'd like to make a comeback! "I hate that word. It's a reeeturn."~Sunset Boulevard. I've established a whole new page at The Violet Guild and am in the process of working on it right now -- a new scenario should certainly be up, if not tonight, by Monday at the latest (it being Friday night, actually more Saturday morning..). So, this is the way we're going to do it...

I'll keep everything here, on, for a while, to give people time to alter bookmarks etc. The archives and old bios will probably remain up here indefinitely, just because there's no reason to get rid of them and here they're on file. But I'd like to essentially start over -- at this point so many people have changed email addresses or character names, and I've fallen so behind, that there's no chance of ever catching up. So the way I plan on doing it is just begin again -- anyone who still wants to be in the Violet Guild, either go to the new page and fill out the form again with your new character or your old one, or email me with your old character name and the address of your bio page, if you know it, and let me know you still want to be involved. Everything, tonight and over the next few weeks, is going to be shifted to, and if enough people join/rejoin that it seems worthwhile to continue this thing, I would love to do so. I also have some new ideas, such as possibly an email RPG list and/or a round-robin type story -- I don't know that I'd be able to be involved in them, but I'd love for it to happen if anyone else wants it to, and who knows, maybe I can plan my schedule a little better this year. :4)

So. Anyone who wants to continue in the Guild, either rejoin via the form -- linked from the new page -- or send me an email here with your name and the URL of your page. If you joined and the form you sent me never got translated into a page, I apologize, again -- Hotmail deactivated my account, and everything -- *everything* -- was lost. If you have a response to an old scenario that never got put up, send those to me too and they'll go up after I'm done moving the archives, but we'll start with a brand new scenario, the second-first-one or whatever, soon -- I hope to have it posted by the end of this weekend, and from now on stick to a month-to-six-week lapse between scenarios, nothing more. If only a few people seem to be interested in continuing by the end of oh, say a fortnight, I may have to drop it altogether.:4(

I thank you all for your patience with me about this thing, and I promise this time around I'll do better. :4) And a Happy Bastille Day to all, it's July 14th!! Come on, everybody..."Allons, les enfants de la paatrie, le jour de gloire est arrivee.."

I suppose I'd best get some more coffee and continue my work. :4) Au revoir to all!
In the greatest of humility, sincerity, remorse and determination,
Lady Eliza Hastings