Henceforth this thing is going to be for ALL Guild-related updates, not merely stuff to do with fanfictions and scenarios.

September 6th, the year of grace 1794 (or 2000)
Yes, STILL alive, despite all evidence to the contrary! Working slowly but surely to get everything up. New members, some scenario responses that aren't up yet but will be, I promise, shortly. On the fanfic side: Another bad soliloquoy from yours truly, and the long-awaited and marvelous conclusions to You Are My Home and The Scarlett Pimpernelle!

April 11th, the year of grace 1794 (or 2000!)
Thank you, Mlle Bouchard! Three brand new chapters of "You Are My Home"...and apologies to Mlle Bonheur and Miss O'Neal over the bio pages mixup. Should be all fixed now.

April 9th, the year of Grace 1794 (or 2000!)
New stuffs everywhere. Three new fanfictions, one from myself (blech) one from a friend, and one from a new Guilder! Some new scenario responses and whatnot, plus lots of new members.

January 16th, the year of Grace 1794 (or 2000!)
::winces, glancing at the last update date:: I beg EVERYBODY'S pardon. EVERYTHING is at LONG last up to date again...the ninth scenario is on the board, all the 8th scenario archives save for one still being HTMLed are up, all but one members page is up, plus two new fanfictions (both short things from me, I'm afraid) are up, and two more from a friend and Lady Whitsfield are due in soon. Enjoy!

August 12th, the year of grace 1793(or 1999)
I MUST apologize for the Falcon's antics...I had posted a good six other scenario responses, and all were eaten. ::growls:: I'm going to try to repost them tonight, if that fails as well, the good Mlle Montparnasse has promised to attend to it for me. *ALSO*...Part Two of The Scarlett Pimpernelle is up!!!!! DEFINITELY worthy of perusal!!!

August 4th, the year of grace 1793(or 1999)
WHEW!! Three new fanfictions--one has been up on Armand to Zounds! for some time--tons of responses to the 8th scenario, seventh scenario archives done! Updates to my fanfictions on the page should be coming soon. Three new members pages, also..the first people to join in the Guild's second year!

July 10th, the year of grace 1793(or 1999)
When I am bad, I am very very bad, and when I am good I am...busy! A whole new members page--welcome, everybody! New scenario responses--tomorrow, if I don't get to them today--and ::dramatic music::: a new fanfiction!!!!!! From Mlle Feuillide, and sink me if it isn't breathtakingly wonderful!! Many thanks to Mlle de Guinterre for HTMling several of these things..I was about to be buried!

June 20th, the year of grace 1793(or 1999)
Happy Father's Day! More home page updates, and good things come in pairs...two new members pages, and two new scenario responses!

June 19th, the year of grace 1793(or 1999)
Two new fanfictions..both from *me*, which is a *baaaad* thing...YOU'RE all supposed to be writing...:4)
PS: My homepage is almost entirely fixed up and made pretty-like.

June 5th, the year of grace 1793(or 1999)
Two new characters from old veterans...Lady Wallescourt and M. Lisle
Mlle de Guinterre's response is up..and isn't it a wonderful one..!! A must for all Chauvelin-lovers
And a new fanfiction from Lady Whitsfield--a brief soliloquoy involving Armand St Just's feelings during Eldorado! READ IT!!
The Chat room and the Story Commentary board are finally fixed!
Also, my own Homepage is finally back up..not many of the links work, but at least it's up.

May 31st, the year of grace 1793(or 1999)
Just one...Mlle de Roche's--I beg her pardon, Lady Whitsfield's--response is up on the messageboard. Please ignore the one "No Text" post...that was amistake, and I've forgotten my password...they're mailing it to me, but I couldn't delete the message right now. Anyways, it *is* up there...and, people, she's OUTDONE HERSELF. I HIGHLY HIGHLY HIGHLY advise reading it!!!! It's beautiful!

May 30th, the year of grace 1793(or 1999)
A few minor updates---new members page and a new response--welcome Lady de Cazotte and read her lovely 7th scenario response on the messageboard!! Also, a sixth-scenario response on the Archives from Sir Edward Ronally. Also, if you haven't recently, drop by the messageboard with the Scenarios on it. Mlle Fontana's been putting her own stuff up, and it's *lovely*! (Small minor thing: I SAW PIMPERNEL ON FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!! And it was, of course, unspeakably glorious...)

May 23rd, the year of grace 1793(or 1999)
What a lot one can get done with a fever on three hours of sleep! 1) All sixth scenario archives *up*! Go look at them!
2) Two new members pages..welcome Lady Baptiste and Sir Roger Sterling!
3) To avoid having to go about fixing all the members pages whenever there' s anew scenario or fanfic up, I've made a small page where the scenarios and who responded them are listed: The Index
5) Not an update, but I need to gush..I'm seeing PIMPERNEL on Friday!! ::dancing happy little jig of joy::
6) There *should* be a new fanfiction or two up fairly soon, from *me* I'm afraid...come on, mes amies, where'd the Muse go running off to? :4)

May 4th, the year of grace 1793(or 1999)
Lots and lots and lots of stuff..!
1) I created a new discussion board for us--so the guestbook can become a guestbook again. Take a look! The Violet Forum
2) Fixed up the fanfics page a bit--added graphic background, changed the text color and all, to make it a bit easier to read. Hopefully there'll be a new short fanfiction--by myself and dear friend Jenn--up reasonably soon. Other then that, I'm just dependent on you guys...haven't gotten anything new in far too long!:4)
3) Created a new messageboard for scenario responses--one that DOESN'T arbitrarily delete things after sixty days--I can make it give me up to 999 if necessary--so that should cut down on self-posted scenarios disappearing if I'm somehow prevented from getting to them fast enough or my Hotmail goes strange. The Library The old messageboard is now going to be there for any comments on stories that people wish to make..I thought that would make it easier for people to comment on stories or scenario responses.
4) Sixth scenario archives are being HTMLed today and should be up by this weekend..I hope to get the seventh scenario out by the same period of time.
5) A few new members pages up.
6) Still working on getting my own personal homepage up.

April 15, the year of grace 1793(or 1999)
FIFTH SCENARIO ARCHIVES ARE *FINISHED*!!!! Took me demmed long enough!!! Also, several new responses up on the Board, and more coming tomorrow. And last two chapters of "Life's Just Begun" are up!!! Highly reccommended to all of you, Mlle de Roche has another triumph!(BTW, I'd highly advise a look at her page(One Student's Obsession, linked from the main page) she has some lovely Les Miserables and Pimpernel fictions up there..and,not sure if I've said so on this page before but i *do* recommend reading "The Secret Orchard"..

March 3, the year of grace 1793(or 1999)
Just returned from an extra curricular activity that got me out of school early, and leapt on the computer to get some updating done. There's a WONDERFUL new chapter of Life's Just Begun up, and I got a bit of HTML editing done on the fifth scenario archives, but those still won't be up for some time, I beg all of your pardons...I had hoped to complete them this week/weekend, but there are four new Guilders who need members pages! Of course this is a far from bad thing--especially since, lo and behold, we've reached fifty!--but it does put me back on the archives.

February 27, the year of grace 1793(or 1999)
I expect due appreciation for managing to update the day after a trip to see SP hwerein I SAW DOUG for hte first time! You folk cshould consider yourself fortunate I'm not still locked in my room, with "Prayer" and "She was There" set on repeat, clutching my signed program and murmuring "Percy, Percy, Percy" over and over again..:4) Oh dear..I think I've offended Timothy. ::hurries off to soothe Lord Hastings' ruffled pride.::: As you all can see, I'm still just a weee bit giddy...::grins:: Well, today I put up three wonderful new fanfictions and linked to a fourth that was already on a page...TWO fanfictiosn from Mlle Arabella St Just(she moves fast!), a HEARTBREAKING fic from Sir Edward Pierce, whose scenario response I also put up on the Messageboard, and I linked to the loverly fanfiction, amust for every Marguerite-lover, entitled "The Secret Orchard" that's up on the lovely Mlle Fontana's page. All on the Fanfics page

February 20, the year of grace 1793(or 1999)
Fifth scenario archives are going to take me forever and a day to get up, folks..be patient with me. I'll probably end up putting them up when the sixth scenario is finished. Today I put up the sixth scenario and the continuations of Mlle de Bretagne, dear friend Miss Fairchild, and the start of one by Mlle Fontana--who appears to have taken it into her own hands to post the installments of her marvelous continuation, and thus you never know when a new bit might be up! All three of those scenario responses are most highly reccommended..Chauvelin-lovers, Miss Fairchild's is a must, and the same goes for Mlle Fontana's if you care for Tony Dewhurst, and Mlle Bretagne's is simply lovely. The Messageboard

January 24, the year of grace 1793(or 1999)
Yes,I HAVE returned from the ravages of Falcon in the Hard Drive!! Scrambling to get everything caught up--look for a sixth scenario, a fanfic from new member Mlle. Arabella St. Just, and fifth scenario archives, very soon! In the meanwhile, a new chapter to Life's Just Begun and a new chapter to Renegade Heart

December 10, the year of grace 1792(or 1998)
Mlle. de Roche gave the Guild a Christmas present! :4) Added her marvelous start of a fanfic to the fanfics page, Life's Just Begun Must read!

December 3, the year of grace 1792(or 1998)
Added Fifth Scenario continuations of Lady Grimsby and Mademoiselle de Chat, both Recommended

December 1, the year of grace 1792(or 1998)
Created Fourth Scenario Archives page and added all continuations

November 21, the year of grace 1792(or 1998)
Added Fifth Scenario continuation of Mlle. Sylvia Fantine Justinian to the Messageboard Highly Recommended

November 12, the year of grace 1792(or 1998)
Added chapters 3 through 6(the whole story) to Untitled Chauvelin Story by Lady Hastings Recommended

November 11, the year of grace 1792(or 1998)
Haven't updated the stories for some time, because I have been occupied with making everybody a detailed bio page. Today I finally got around to it.
Added Fifth Scenario to the Messageboard
Added Fifth Scenario Continuation of Mlle. de Roche to the Messageboard Must read!
Added Fifth Scenario Continuation of Miss Blakeney to the Messageboard
Highly recommended!

October 31, the year of grace 1792(or 1998)
FINALLY(I received it like a week ago) posted the fourth scenario continuation of Miss Lark Wingfield on the messageboard. Recommended

October 29, the year of grace 1792(or 1998)
Added Chapter Three to Renegade Heart by Mademoiselle Leontine de Chante Highly recommended!

October 25, the year of grace 1792(or 1998)
Added the fourth scenario continuation of Mademoiselle Estella Javert to the messageboard Highly recommended!

October 21(meTHINKS, I forgot to update that day), the year of grace 1792(or 1998)
Added to fanfiction page: "The Sealed Note Misscommunications" by Lady Windsor Recommended

October 18, the year of grace 1792(or 1998)
Created 3rd scenario archives page and put all 3rd scenario continuations on it(NOTE: There are a few on there that were not on the messageboard b/c I received them late, so check it out!)

October 16, the year of grace 1792(or 1998)
Added fourth scenario continuation of Lady K and Etienne Aleron. Recommended

October 15, the year of grace 1792(or 1998)
Created the updates page!!
Added Chapter Two to "Untitled Chauvelin Story by Lady Hastings"