+~The Sealed Note Miscommunication~+

The Sealed Note Miscommunication

"Deliver this to Rue St.Anne on the double" I said to Lady Elizabeth.
"Yes, Elisia, I'll do it now before I forget."
"Thank you," was my reply.
I had just written an note to Sir Percy informing him of a dinner party Chauvelin was holding for his loyal subjects. Through bribing the maid at his estate I found this information to be quite important because at the "party" was actually and attempt to lure the Scarlet Pimpernel to the Temple Prison. Chauvelin hoped that he would beleive that most of the guards would be in attendence and only half trained back up would be on watch. He beleived that then the Pimpernel would then make his move to rescue some of the prisoners. While actually, a trap would be set and the Pimpernel would be caught, and forced to face his worst enemy the Madame Guillotine. And then, at his most glorified moment he would hold up a Pimpernel and say,"Instead of shooting up dasies like most other dead people, I will make sure your grave remains bare with only a Scarlet Pimpernel that has been chopped, just like you, on top."
The very thought of this made me shiver. I hoped the maid was trustworthy. I also hoped that Percy would not recognize my handwriting, hence beleiving that I was a maid on his side, only knowing of his address after overhearing a conversation on the night of the temple prison raid.
While waiting for Elizabeth to show up, I sent gave my housekeeping staff instructions for my very own dinner party. You see, I have know Sir Percy since I was a child. We used to play together, then I moved away. But by fate we were reaquainted. He does not know of my activities with the guild, nor will he know. But on the outside, I still am very much friends with him. I decided that tomorrow night I would hold a party, with him in attendance. Figuring that he would know of the trap and forget all about it, and come.
After I had finished chatting with staff, I went to the parlour to think about what I would do for entertainment that night. Maybe Elizabeth would be willing to put on a mini concert with her Violin. Or maybe I could sing.
Just then I was interrupted. Lady Hastings burst into the room and told me that the Sir Percy had gone to the prison. One of the League members said that he had received my message and had gone in early. But the only problem was that Chauvelins party was going to be held tonight!
My eyes shot open and my knees felt weak, I had just sent the Scarlet Pimpernel on a death mission. The maid I had asked was a scullery maid, and had nothing to do with this trap. She just told me what she thought she heard from overhearing part of a conversation.
"OH NO!" I screamed. What are we going to do!?!