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Welcome!! The people in the Violet Guild are, one and all, marvelous writers...just look at the scenario responses to see what I mean...and some of them have written fanfictions about The Scarlet Pimpernel or the Violet Guild that weren't scenario reponses or anything like that....they are stories! And demmed good ones at that!!
We've got some wonderful tales up here. Unless otherwise noted, all stories are incomplete.

Felicity does the time-travel thing just in time to save Chauvelin from the fisherman...
Renegade Heart
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It picks up where the musical leaves off..this is wonderful. completed
Falcon in the Dive: Prologue through Chapter Six
Chapter Seven through Epilogue

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IMPORTANT: On the page listing the first six chapters, there is a link to "Chapters Seven and up"...DO NOT FOLLOW IT. This link is out of date, but I have been unable to change it on the page. When you have finished the chapters on that page, come back here and follow the link to the rest of the story.

Lady Windsor pens the beginning of a tale of some disaster.....
The Sealed Note Miscommunications
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My extremely "cheezy"(I.E.,melodramatic)and rather pathetic story, beginning about a year after the events of the novel and set from the viewpoint of Citoyen Chauvelin's younger half-sister. Finally titled thanks to dear friend Lt Deparde. completed

A Sister's Love
What if the execution at the end of the 1982 film had been *real*? No, I don't kill off Percy, but a random discusson with a friend about how horrible a Percy Death scene would be has led to this fanfiction.
Angel Blessing, Demon Chance (Currently down, pending editing. Trust me, you don't want to read the un-fixed version.)

Well, this story is complicated..I know where it's going,I just need to write it..take a look.
Unseen Beauty

A bad Percy-Soliloquoy directly after the events of Eldorado Aftermath

A journal entry of Sir Percy's, set during the estrangement..title is tentative.Elusion
The Marguerite-counterpart, written by close friend Jenn: Hold Fast To Dreams

Another Percy soliloquoy based on the events of Eldorado..this began as random third-person tortured Percy, then somehow slid into Eldorado, then somehow morphed into first-person present tense and became a soliloquoy..I don't question the creative process. :4) This is actually notre pauvre IN the prison, scary torturous stuff. I don't like it, but at least I like it better than "Aftermath". Up at a friend's page because she HTMLed it first and I didn't feel like doing it again. (Her pages look better anyway). Tentative title.
For Marguerite

ANOTHER Percy soliloquoy. Yeah, I know, I have to just stop writing these things. My little brother was watching "Armageddon" in the other room and the theme song got stuck in my head....

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Mlle de Roche discovers the sweet perils of dropping one's handkerchief at church...but can this handsome gallant be trusted? Very romantic and as always well-written. completed

Life's Just Begun

Something new! A short soliloquoy from the viewpoint of Armand St Just, relating to events in Eldorado Very intense! (If you haven't read Eldorado, she was kind enough to include a brief note explaining some of the background, although of course it's best if you HAVE read Eldorado.
The Self-Hunted Man

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To see more of her work, check out her own page, linked from the main page.

Mademoiselle Arabella St. Just honors us with two brief but marvelously written fanfictions. Both completed

An Encounter With A Stranger
A short story of a mission with the Guild.

A sweet tale hinting at a future romance.

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Lady Isabelle Fontana has a fanfiction on her own homepage, a wonderful story of Marguerite St Just's life before meeting our favorite hero. I cannot recommend this one highly enough. Follow the link!

The Secret Orchard

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Agh. That's all I can say about this story. Agh. Not a happy thing, NOT a happy thing..but it's good, so read it anyway. completed
The Hollowest Smile
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In the author's own words...A treacherous escape, a mysterious illness, a job left unfinished, and the noble, heartbroken woman who inherits the power to set things right..
The Scarlett Pimpernelle
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Judging Olivia Mam'selle Bretagne begins her autobiography! A compelling read thus far!
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A Child's Cry Clarity O'Brian, the Irish storyteller, tells her own tale!
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The End ::grins:: Miss Katherine Nolan has joined the ranks of you none too happy with the ending of "A Sister's Love". This is an alternate ending/sequel to it. Up at Armand to Zounds!

A Gentle Man A lovely Chauvelin poem, new from Miss Katie!

You Are My Home
Now complete!!
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