Lady Hastings stares at you in the dawning light.  You are standing in a small alley, after going to deliver the Marquis and his sons to Percy's lodgings, and her voice is low and anxious.
"We're too late."
You stare at her in confusion, and she hastily elaborates.
"The Pimpernel, the husband...they've already gone from the Rue St. Anne! They must have left early. I spoke with the concierge, they left about half an hour ago."
 There is a moment of shocked silence as you, the other Guilder and your leader look back and forth at each other.
"Wh...what do we do?" you ask.  It had never even occurred to you, to any of the Guilders, that you might be too late.  Lady Eliza shakes her head.
"I'm not sure!  It would be impossible to warn Percy, to warn any of them in time.  They're in disguise, and already on their way to the prison!"
"Do we know anything about the trap?" you ask.
 Lady Hastings shakes her head.
"Not much.  Chauvelin will be there, I'm certain....but I've no idea what he plans to do!"
"Soldiers?" the other Guilder suggests.
"Possibly.  Although our friend Chauvelin has tried force with the Pimpernel before, and he's always managed to slip through......"
She trails off, staring into the darkness, then speaks again.
"My husband doesn't know about this one with Sir Percy does.  And as I said, it's all but impossible to warn them, even if there was a way to get the information to Percy that he would trust.  Somehow, we have to keep the trap from working, at its source. We have to return to the prison."
You send the Marquis and his sons on to the inn where you are staying, and then the three of you begin making your way back along the dimly-lit Paris streets, determined to save the Scarlet Pimpernel and his League from the trap set for them.

The Official Ending