First Scenario!!

This was our first mission!!!

SITUATION #1: First Mission
It's your first time on French soil as a member of the Guild, and naturally you're excited and a little nervous. It's just you and Lady Eliza Hastings.
She leaves you at the squalid hotel you've rented a room in after you arrive in Paris with instructions to meet her in the Place de la Greve at eleven o'clock tonight.
You leave the hovel you're staying in at 10:30 and head for the infamous site of so many executions. You are only 2 minutes away when a young voice quavers from the shadows,
You turn, and a slight figure dressed in a huge cloak too big for it comes forward.
"Please, oh please help me!"
Behind you, an old woman drops an apple from the basket of fruit she is carrying, and the child yelps at the sound and flees into the shadows. After a glance at the old woman, who appears quite as astonished at you at the enfant's strange behavior, you set off after the child--whoever he or she was, they were far too young and ill-clad to be wandering Paris alone at night, and you still have a good ten minutes before you must meet Hastings at the Place de la Greve.
You come on the little one sobbing uncontrollably a little ways down the alley. You kneel down next to the child and set a hand on the tiny shoulder.
"What is it, mon petite une?" you ask softly. The child only cries harder, and suddenly you hear noises in the darkness behind you. Leaping up and turning, you are confronted by a long blade gleaming in the moonlight.....
There were SOO many incredible continuations to this!! This was the first(and the ONLY) official ending decision I had to make without the wonderful Board, and I pray thee believe it was most terribly hard!! I at length decided upon a tie.... Read one... This marvelous continuation was writte by Mistress Melanie Browning, an Englishwoman and a valiant member of the Guild. Alas, she has had to leave the Violet Guild....but not before she managed to pen this magnificent continuation!
Congratulate her!

Read the other... And the other heart-pounding mission! The good lady Alexis writes for us the story of Phillipe de Pontmercy and Isabella Charboneau..a truly thrilling tale! Alexis, a extremely talented writer, has written a response for every scenario thus far and is also on the Board. Her help and literary contributions make the Violet Guild better! Congratulate her!