he Second Members Page!!

Well, I am GLAD that I had to create another page to list all the people in the Violet Guild!! Here are the rest of the Guilders...

Name: Lady Elizabeth Dewhurst*
Age: 28
Nationality: English
Other: Cousin of Lord Anthony Dewhurst
Contact Lady Dewhurst at HJ7SP@aol.com
Name: Madamoiselle Sylvia Fantine Justinian *
Contact Mlle. Justinian at LizR2@aol.com

Name: Lady Felicia Fontaine *
Contact her at: ladyfelly@hotmail.com

Name:Mademoiselle Isabella DuBois *
Name: Prince Nikolas Cassadine *
Contact his Highness and his betrothed at: RoseDawsnS@aol.com

Name: Lady Grimsby *
Contact the lady at: pimpernel20@yahoo.com

Name: Lady Elisa Marie Windsor *
Contact her at: mfgc58d@prodigy.com

Name: Madeline Carboneau Corinthos
Age: 21
Nationality: French
Other: older sister of Guilder Isabella Carboneau
Name: Michael "Sonny" Corinthos
Age: 28
Nationality: Spanish
Other: married to Madeline Corinthos
Contact the couple at: ScarlettGH@aol.com

Name: Monsieur Etienne de Grantaire
Age: 17
Nationality: French
Other: used to work as a lackey for Chauvelin until he said the wrong thing. Chauvelin ordered him sent him to the guillotine but he escaped.
Contact Etienne at: lrdkulmstead@hotmail.com

Name: Lady Isabella Delacroix *
Name: Connor Nash Macleod
Age: in his early thirties
Nationality: Scottish/American
Other: close friend of Lady Delacroix's
Name: Miss Lucille Fairchild-Ffoulkes *
Lady Catherine Wallescourt *
Contact them at: chaumichele@hotmail.com

Name: Sir Douglas Shields * Name: Raymond Denver *
Contact them at: scrltjkkie@aol.com

Name: Jeanne d'Aubigne *
Contact her at: jdabney@utk.edu

Name: Lady K(Kathryn) *
Name: Etienne Aleron *
Contact Kathryn and Etienne at: kltemple@netscape.net

Name: Sophia(Sophie) *
Name: Lady Amber Taylor *
Contact Sophie and Lady Taylor at: shortie16@usa.net

Name: Mlle. Elizabeth au Gussiante*
Age: 26
Nationality: French
Other: Was a childhood friend of Sir Percy, but she has lost contact with him through the years.
Could it be? We're up to THREE member pages! The Third Members Page

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