The Third Members Page!

Name: Lucie Blakeney *
Name: Louis de Montreux *
She has left the Violet Guild. However, she said anyone who wished to use her characters for their own stories are permitted to do so. Before doing this, however, kindly read the bios and also possibly some of her responses to get an authentic idea of the character she created, and DON'T kill them off.

Name: Elizabeth Beautiful *

Name: Madelyne Beautiful *
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Name: Marguerite Blakeney
Nationality: French
Other: wife of Sir Percy Blakeney
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Name: Lady Elisabeth de Chat *
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Name: Mademoiselle Isabella de Roche *
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Name: Mademoiselle Estella Javert *
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Name: Sir Jean de Mont Cleffe *
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Name: Miss Viola MacFarlane *
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Name: Miss Madelaine Prescott *
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Name: Miss Katherine Nolan *
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Name: Lady Jane *

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