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URN BACK! The Guild protects its own!

Well, here, my friends, is the list* of people who have thus joined my worthy Guild! I realize we are a small group, but we are growing---and we are fierce! I give you the names of the Guilders thus far. Some of them do incredibly detailed characters, and I thought these characters deserved more then the bare-bones bio I had previously. Therefore, those who had wanted them now have more detailed bios. If there is a small book next to the name, click on it and it will take it to their bio!
Remember, communicate with them by note sealed with a violet only, or they shall not know you write on Guild business!
Name: Lady Eliza Charlotta Hastings
Nationality: British
Other: married to Lord Timothy Hastings
Name: Miss Benjamina Hastings
Age: 19
Nationality: born in England, but has lived in America for four years
Other: schoolteacher, younger sister of Lord Timothy Hastings
Contact me(and my little sister in law) at:

Name:Mademoiselle Leontine de Chante(FIRST person to join!) *
Name: Gavroche Thenardier *
Name: Alexis Nuala McGrail *
Name: Kinsey Blakeney *
Name: Brennon Czolgosz *
Contact Mlle. de Chante and her friends at:

Name: Lady Kirsten McGriffin
Age: 20
Nationality: French, residing in Scotland
Other: Younger half-sister of Chauvelin(unknown to her)
Contact the lady at:

Name: Madame Suzanne Ffoulkes *Contact Mme. Ffoulkes at:

Name: Mistress Katie Ciaran McIlree
Nationality: Scottish
Other: Cousin of Sir Percival Blakeney
Contact Sir Percy's cousin at:

Name: Mademoiselle Janette d'Amour
Age: 23
Nationality: French, currently residing in Italy
Other: opera singer; close friend of other Guilders Mlle. de Chante and Lady McGriffin
Contact her at:

Name: Mademoiselle Andrea Daurier(AKA Madeleine, Alexandre)
Age: 21
Nationality: French
Other: a mistress of disguise, escaped being guillotined with the rest of her family
Contact the mistress of disguise at:

Name: Miss Lark Wingfield *
Name: Master Christopher Wingfield *
Name: Miss Charlette Wingfield *
Name: Master Duncan McLeod *

Contact the Wingfields and their friend at:

Name: Mademoiselle Isabella Marie Charboneau
Nationality: French
Other: raised by wealthy guardians who were guillotined, escaped to England
Name: Monsieur Phillipe Aramis de Pontmercy
Age: 19
Nationality: French
Other: aristocrat family was guilotined, met Isabella while fleeing France
Contact both of them at:

As you can see, we are most DESPERATELY in need of members! So join! And tell your friends! As long as you are willing to face grave danger for the sake of the Scarlet Pimpernel, his League and the people he rescues, we shall be glad to have you!
Earnestly yours,
Lady Eliza Charlotta Hastings
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