Lady Eliza sighed, too fearful for her husband's life to say 
 I truly felt a deep sympathy for this brave British woman. 
Reaching for her hand, I tried to comfort her. "Do not worry, 
Madame Hastings. Your husband will be jioning you for tonight's 
supper." Before she could even respond, I continued." Please take 
the Marquis and his little darlings to their destinaton." Boy, I 
thought, this English of mine was hard to understand-even to me!
 Lady Eliza arched an eyebrow. "What are you going to do?"
 " Well, if the Marquis and his sons are at this Sir Percy's 
place when the others come back, it will make their journey 
less.. " Oh, what was that word? ".. uncomfortable."
 When I saw that they were out of view, I started to think of 
someway to help. I must've not seen where I was going for I ran 
right into Pierre, my bold admirer.
 "Bonjour, Sophie!" He said with a foxy grin.
 " Oh, bonjour,, Pierre?" An idea was forming in my 
head. "Can I ask you for a really big favor?"
 The corners of Chauvelin's mouth were spreading wider by the 
second. " I've finally got you. All of you." He then proceeded to 
pace up and down the line of the disguised men. " Now, if any one 
were to tell me who the Scarlet Pimpernel really is, I just might 
be merciful with your-"
 A blood curling scream sliced the air like a blade. Chauvelin 
turned around to see Sophie running frantically up the street.
 Sophie's eyes saw him and she sighed a deep sigh of relief. 
"Chauvelin! Oh, my darling friend!" As she collasped on to him, 
she saw a group of French beggars, peasants, and drunks. Are 
these the men she was suppose to save?she thought. Yes, it had to 
be them.
 "Sophie," Chauvelin began, motioning for his guards to watch 
over the crimminals," what the devil? Lud!" He saw for the first 
time that her fine canary yellow dress was torn and both her 
shoulders were bare." What the devil happened to you?"
 Trying to distract him from the silent battle between the men 
and the soliders behind them, Sophie tried to catch her breath. " 
It was.. Pierre..He.. he just pulled out the largest dagger 
I've ever senn and ...Oh, Chauvelin! What is my father going to 
say about all this?" She buried her face in his shoulder and 
began to cry.
 "It will be alright, Sophie,"he reassured her as he placed his 
cloak around her bare shoulders. "Don't worry about yourfather. 
I'll settle things out with him just as soon as I get these-" 
When he turned around, Chauvelin saw his three gurads out cold. 
The Bounders were no where to be seen. "DAAM!" he muttered.
 Sophie arched an eyebrow. "Is something wrong, my dear 
 Fustrated, he turned to face her gain. Her lovely black hair 
was falling out of her hairpiece and she not only looked worried 
but scared,too.
 "No," he sighed. "As long as you are alright, there is nothing 
wrong." The two of them walked to Sophie's house so Chauvelin 
could receive a warrent for Pierre from the General.
 Lady Eliza bit her nails untill they were barely nothing left. 
God, what if Chauvelin had them all arrested... or worse! She 
coudn't even try to think of the rest.
 One of the Marquis' boys came up to her and smiled. Maybe he 
would have wanted it to end this way, she thought sadly. 
Afterall, the Marquis and his family were safe in Percy's house, 
and that was what her husband had wanted.That was what every one 
of those Bounders wanted.
 Lord Hastings saw his wife looking out over the country of 
England from the balcony and smiled. " I hope you're thinking of 
me, my darling."
 Lady Eliza turned around and ran into her husband's 
outstretched arms. 
" But how...?"
 "...And by the time he had realized that we departed, his 
guards- I believe one of their names was Jean- were in La La 
Land!" Percy laughed as he told the others how they had excaped 
from Chauvelin.
 Lady Eliza smiled to herself. "So the little French woman did 
help. Just like she said she would."
 "Help?" Lord Tonywiped away the tears that were the cause of 
laughing so hard. " My dear, that girl saved us."
 "And the really interesting part of today was," Percy 
noted,"did anyone else see how canny the resemble is between the 
two? Same black hair. Exact blue eyes... Why if I didn't know any 
better, I'd say they where brother and sister!"
 The entire gathering burst out laughing, as the evening' supper 
was being served.
 "...And that was how they excaped, Monsieur," Chauvelin 
sighed, hating the idea of telling the embarrassing recollections 
of the day to Sophie's father. " Your charming daughter, Sophie, 
had nothing to do with anything, sir. This, I give you my word."
 The elderly gentleman nodded. "Chauvelin, I trust you're telling 
me the truth. However, I must look after her safety. From this 
point forth, I must ask that one of my soliders acompany her 
where ever she goes."
 " I understand,sir." 
 " She has a performance every night at the theatre. I assume you 
know the location. I would greatly appriciate it if it were you 
who was with her, being that the two of you are.."
 Chauvelin held up his hand to silence the man. " It would be my 
pleasure, sir."
 Sophie sat in the carriage, biting her lip. What was wrong with 
Chauvelin? He was acting very strange tonight. 
 " Don't do that,darling," he frowned,gesturing towards her 
mouth." It can't be well for your acting."
 "Sorry," she muttered. Despite her rather expensive and 
decortative dress, she felt as if she had just woken up. Big, 
black ringlets framed her worried face, while her hair was held up 
in a jeweled hairpiece.
 "Chauvelin," she began," I'm sorry for letting those men get 
away. I know how badly you want to catch the Scalet Pimpernel, and 
I'm very sorry that I let him excape from you."
 Chauvelin smiled, kissed her little hands, and replied," It 
doesn't matter now. All you need to do for me is consintrate on 
your acting skills."
 Sophie smiled and rested her head on his shoulder. No, it wasn't 
her fault, he thought to himself. He would catch that demmed 
Scarlet Pimpernel. And when he did,he silently vowed, that day 
would be his crowning acchievement.

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