Grant Schwartz collapsed back on the cot, with his sister, Christine hovering over him.
"Grant, it can't be true!" she whispered handing him a cup of tea. Grant took the cup of tea gratefully from his sister. "I'm afraid it is," he said after a few long sips of the hot liquid. His bright eyes rested affectionately on his elder sibling. "As soon as I get a few minutes of rest I'm going after whoever this is," he said firmly.
"Are you crazy?" Christine asked horrified. If Grant went that meant she would goÖshe couldn't sit by herself not knowing what he might be getting into.
Her brother gave her a grin. "Maybe. Maybe I am crazy. Maybe we all are a littleÖwho knows." 
He finished his tea and jumped up. 
"GrantÖ" Christine pleaded. "You need to restÖ" she sighed. Turning to Eliza and the others she shrugged. "I guess this means I'm going with him."
Grant put a cloak around her shoulders. "I knew you would, " he said squeezing her arm lightly.
Christine shook her head. "I think madness runs in the family! If I had any sense I wouldn't let you drag me into this."
"Where would the fun be in that?" Grant asked teasingly.
"Now, this traitor has been keeping in close contacts with Chauvelin," Grant explained as the wind whipped his long cloak, making it billow out behind him. "Apparently, they've been telling them everything the Guild has done, how they've done it, and who did it," Grant said gravely. "Have a look at this note from them to Chauvelin. They've tried to disguise their handwriting. See? " he said handing Christine the note. Christine took the note thoughtfully. "I take it you intercepted this note before Chauvelin got to see it?" she asked smiling at her brother.
"Ja. One less bit of information our favorite French agent will receive," Grant said proudly.
"Good for you, Grant." Christine said handing him the note back. "How do you plan on finding out who wrote this?"
"I figure that upon not hearing back from Chauvelin, they will go seek him out. I figure we beat them to it, and wait for them," Grant said.
Christine paled. "You meanÖactually go and take on Chauvelin? By ourselves? Yes, sir, we are this week's guillotine fodder for sure," Christine said her eyes wide.
"Will you quit being such a pessimist?" Grant chided. "I tell you what. We don't actually make ourselves known to Chauvelin. How's that strike you? We'll just hang around silently and wait."
Christine smiled weakly. "I think that would be better. I just worry a lot."
Grant groaned. "Boy do you ever!" he laughed. "So we'll waitÖand watch."
Sitting outside of building that served as an office for the Committee of Public Safety, Christine shivered in the night air.
"Good grief, doesn't this man ever go home?" Grant muttered stamping his feet. "He still hasn't left?" he asked.
"Nein. He's still up there," Christine said shakily. Grant looked at his sister and felt a pang of guilt. It wasn't fair to make her wait outside in the cold.
 "Dear, why don't you go to the safe-house and go to bed? Drink something warm and change out of those clothes, and you'll feel a lot better," he promised.
"YouÖyou will come too?" Christine asked her teeth chattering.
"In a few minutes," Grant vowed. Christine nodded and headed off down the street silently. Grant found himself dozing off every few minutes, and decided that it would be a good idea to follow ChristineÖ.
He was halfway down the street when something made him turn around and look one last time. Another figure had entered the room where Chauvelin was. Wrapped in a dark cloak that hid their face, it seemed to stand humbly in front of the Frenchman. Grant felt his spirits start to soar. There was the traitor, just like he had guessed.
Curiosity took over and he climbed the side of building to a ledge beneath the window where he could listen to what was being said inside.
"Öand they know who has been in contact with me?"
"No, they just know it is one of them."
Grant felt his blood run cold. The traitor was definitely female.
"That is better news than I expected. You say the last letter you had written was intercepted. Who took it?" Chauvelin asked.
"A boy by the name of Grant Schwartz."
Chauvelin laughed. "Name sounds familiar."
"This is no time for laughing, Citizen. I told you I'm suspected."
"That is hardly my fault," Chauvelin snapped.
"I want to be paid. I've given you the information, and now you should give me the money."
"You failed on this last mission."
The female voice was exasperated. "What exactly was I supposed to do? Rip it out of his hands and come running to you?"
"Might have been a good start."
Grant shuddered. Whoever this wasÖknew him, and knew that he had the letter. That meant it had to have been someone who saw him earlier.
"Chauvelin, I told you there was nothing I could do. It isn't as if I’m the one who lost it. It was your little toady that lost it."
A sigh, followed by: "And I told you that he has paid for his blunder. Are you sure that you yourself are suspected? You've been invaluable."
"Everyone is suspected. Myself being still new to the Guild, especially."
Grant pulled himself up for a look inside the room. The female figure was still concealed in the cloak, seemed to be pleading with Chauvelin.
"Then may I suggest that you stay in France? Break communications with this 'guild' and we'll find other work for you here," Chauvelin said.
"I can't do that! What about my family?" the girl cried. In one sudden movement she tore back the hood of her cloak revealing her flushed young face.
"Christine!" Grant screamed on the ledge, horrified beyond words. Both Chauvelin and Christine looked in amazement as Grant swung himself into the room. He ran over to his sister his eyes wide with fright. 
"Christine, tell me this isn't trueÖthis is all a farce, right?"
Christine took a step back from her brother, her face dark with shame. "GrantÖwe needed the money."
"My G-d, Christine! Don't you realize what you've done?" Grant whispered hoarsely. "If you care nothing about the Guild, don't you care that Austria, our home is at war with France? And here you are helping them?"
Chauvelin spoke up. "Your sister has made a wise decision. While you were sitting around on your hands, your sister was worried for your welfare. 'How will I make sure Grant has food?' your sister asked herself. 'How will I make sure that we have a roof over our heads?' she asked. Concerned about your well-being she did the logical thing. She began to look for employment. Finding none in England, she wisely decided to go to our own government, which was more than happy to aid her."
It was Grant's turn to look shame faced. "Christine, why didn't you say anything?" he whimpered.
"Grant, I did. You didn't seem to care," Christine said softly. "SpyingÖhas earned us enough to live in comfort." 
She looked as if she were about to cry.
"But spying, Christine?"
Chauvelin snarled at Grant. "I'm not exactly certain what you are doing here. Care to enlighten me?"
"That is different! We're in the right!" Grant protested, then turned crimson. He really needed to learn how to hold his peace.
"Oh, forgive me," Chauvelin said in mock humility. "I did not realize that you were in the right." His voice mocked but his gaze was frigid. "That of course makes all of the difference in the world."
"GrantÖ" Christine said softly her eyes downcast. "I'm so sorry. I thought that this could be the one time where I helped you outÖyou've done so much for me since Mama and Papa died. I just wantedÖI just wanted to help you. And we really needed the moneyÖ"
"My G-d. I'm so sorry Christine," Grant whispered.
"Pardon me for interrupting this charming little colloquy between siblings, but, I'm afraid that we need to cut this short."
The two looked a Chauvelin uncertainly. "What do you mean, Citizen?" Christine asked fearfully.
"Your brother is under arrestÖ" Chauvelin said, writing Grant's name on a document.
"You can't arrest my brother!" Christine said horrified.
"Actually, I can."
"You and what army?" Grant asked making a bit of a show looking down on the Frenchman. "I think we have you out numberedÖwhat do you think Christine?"
"I think he'd better keep quiet," Christine said laughing as Grant pulled a few feet of twine out of his pocket.
"You think you can tie me up?" Chauvelin asked annoyed. "I have soldiers waiting for my call right out side of this door."
"Tie you up? Nein, my good Citizen. I was planning on forming a lynch mob and hanging you, from the chandelier," Grant said grimly pointing out the light fixture. "As for the soldiersÖwell they can be paid off. I don't think they like you very much any way."
Chauvelin looked from Grant to Christine slightly bewildered. "Two people make a small lynch mob," he said bitterly.
"You're a small man!" Grant explained laughing, and Chauvelin's face darkened.
"Grant stop with the gamesÖlets just get out of here," Christine hissed in her brother's ear.
"What are we going to do about him?" he hissed back.
"There isn't much he can do right now anyway. Let's just leave!" Christine pleaded. "I want to get out of here."
"Sounds good to me. Well, you're in luck, Citizen!" Grant said turning back to Chauvelin. "My sister has convinced me to leave. So keep your mouth shut and we won't have any problems. No lynching tonight."
"Grant," Christine snapped lowering herself out of the window. "Okay, Okay. G'night Citizen!" Grant said grinning as he swung himself out of the window. He hit the pavement at a run, following his sister back to the safe-house where the rest of the Guild was waiting for their return.
*************************************************** ***************************************************
Christine stood before the assembled people there before her. People who had put their trust, even their safety in her. 
"I'm not certain I can express correctly how very sorry I am."
 Her eyes were brimming with tears as she continued, "I realize that my apology doesn't change the fact I betrayed you all. However, I do hope that you might be able to find it in your hearts to forgive me." 
A tear ran down her cheek as she looked from face to face. 
"My friends," she said, "I wouldn't blame you in the least if you cast me out of the Guild because of this." Christine's voice trembled as she said what lay deepest in her heart. 
"ButÖI wouldÖbe eternally grateful if you would continue to accept me as one of your own."
After saying this she sat down next to her brother who gave her a gentle squeeze on the shoulder as they waited for the reaction of the Guild. They failed to notice however, a hard glint in the little Austrian girl's eyes as she stared at the floor, seemingly a trustworthy friend.

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