Grant blinked looking up from the note he held clutched in his hand. Looking at his elder sister he frowned slightly. 
"It might be dangerous, Christine," he said slowly.
"I want to go," she said firmly.
"You are showing me thisÖin the hopes I will join you?" Grant asked halfway dreading her answer.
Christine smiled at her brother.
"It is hare-brained!  We have no experience in this sort of thing! What if something should happen to you? I would never forgive myself," Grant pleaded.
"We would be leading two small children to England. Their parents have already been taken care of. But, if you are afraidÖ" Christine said shrugging.
 In all truth it was she who was terrified, but she was hoping she could egg on her brother into joining her. Her efforts were not futile.
Grant pulled himself to his full height. "Afraid! I am not afraid! I'm especially not afraid of France," he added.
"Of course not, dear," she said patting her younger sibling on the shoulder. "But you do understand that, as a daughter of Austria, I feel obligated to help in anyway I can. Surely you understand, don't you Grant?"
Grant hung his head. After their parents died it was he who decided that England would be the best place for them both. He wanted to keep his sister safe in England. Maybe find her a husband with a titleÖhe didn't want her running off to France on some scheme that could kill them both!  
Finally he sighed and said, "All right, all right. We'll go."
Christine laughed and hugged her brother.
"I knew you'd come."
"I'm an idiot," he muttered. "I shouldn't let you do thisÖFather would have killed me."
"Ja, Father would not have been happy. But think of it. It will be exciting Grant! Think of how the other members of the Guild will adore you. Most especially the female membersÖ" she entreated.
Grant's eyes lit up. "You think they will?"
"Oh I know it!" Christine said smiling.
Grant's mouth twitched into a grin. "Well then!" he said brightly. "We go to Calais!"

Christine walked lightly next to her brother along the French coast. It was cool and the night wind whipped her hair around crazily. She tried in vain to calm it by putting a hand to her head, but only succeeded in making her hair go in her brother's face.
Grant sputtered as a few strands of her hair got in his mouth. 
"Ugh, Christine, can't you do something about that?"
" What would you have me do?" she asked, somewhat vexed.
Grant shrugged. "Cut it?" he suggested innocently.
Christine puckered her face and swatted him on the arm, while he sniggered. Looking around she mused out loud. 
"I wonder now, where these people who we are to meet are at?" she asked in his native tongue.
"I don't know. But Christine," he added, "try to speak in French, dear. We'll attract less attention that way."
"Ja, or should I say Oui? You are right, but my French is very poor," Christine said softly.
"It is all right," Grant said smiling affectionately at his sister. She smiled back at him and for a moment wondered how on earth she could ever survive without him. Their roles were, in her mind, reversed. She really should have been the strong one being the older of the two, but she could never muster up enough strength. Grant; thank the Lord, never needed to lean on anyone. If anything he needed to be leant on.
"Mademoiselle Schwartz?" a voice called breaking into Christine's stream of thoughts.
Grant stepped forward and in front of Christine, and she timidly called out over his shoulder, "Guten Tag!"
The voice sighed satisfied. "Good, it is you! Who is it you have brought along with you?"
"My brother, Grant." Christine frowned. Something was not right here.
"Ah, very good. I don't suppose either of you know who I am?"
Christine paled and ducked back behind Grant with a little moan. She had a pretty good idea of who it was...

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