The Sixth Scenario! Based upon an idea from Miss Katherine Nolan

"So you know nothing?"
"I don't think anyone does. Oh, there she is! Excuse me..."
The Guilder you had been in conversation with leaves suddenly, headed for another Guilder, an acquaintance of theirs, who has just entered the rapidly-filling library. Sighing in frustration, you reclaim your seat.
No one seems to have the slightest idea why Lady Hastings has called the entire Guild here today, and both the Hastings are themselves away from home, a servant has informed you.
Glancing around the room, you realize everyone in the Violet Guild, or at least all that you know by name or sight, has already crowded into the large room which is beginning to seem smaller and smaller.
Suddenly the door opens again, and this time your leader stands in the doorway. She looks rather pale and grave, deep sorrow in her eyes, and her voice is lower then usual as she bids you all to take your seats. All conversation ceases as the Guilders around you obey, looking somewhat cowed. Lady Hastings looks around the room, gathering strength to speak, her gaze lingering with odd sympathy on those in the Guild who are married to or related to members of the League of the Scarlet Pimpernel, and she fidgets anxiously with the wedding band on her left hand.
"The League has been captured."
A gasp runs around the room, and Lady Hastings holds up one hand for silence.
"How I'm not yet sure, but there is no doubt that of the twenty men in the League, only Sir Andrew Ffoulkes and the Scarlet Pimpernel himself remain free. Our mission therefore is twofold--to protect them, and rescue those captured. I will need the help of all of you in this, for we MUST succeed."


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