Our Fifth Mission!! Written byMlle. Isabella de Roche

Nervously you fidget in your seat, trying to appear focused on the opera presented on stage, but with all your attentions focused on the orchestra box where Lady Hastings sits with her husband. Fingering the customary sealed note in your hand, you wonder why Lady Hastings foundit necessary to meet with you here, privately, instead of holding ameeting at her home as usual. But you have no time to ponder these conflicting thoughts, for Lord Hastings has left the box. You take yourcue and move swiftly to the door of the Hastings box. Your knock is answered promptly.
"Come in."
"Lady Hastings?"
Your voice must betray your doubts, for she replies in a tone meant to reassure.
"Yes, my friend, come in and have a seat."
You see at once that you have been expected, for she has drawn two chairs into the dark recesses of the box, where your conversation will not be detected.
"You no doubt wonder why you and you alone have been asked to meet with me at such an unusual time and place," she comments softly, and you smile at her accuracy in gauging your thoughts. "My friend, we have precious little time in which to work. I have asked only you to help me because there was no time for contacting the full Guild, and you have proven yourself faithful in these things in the past. The specifics of our task I will explain shortly. For now, you only must know that the success of the League's next mission is in peril, and consequently, so is the Scarlet Pimpernel himself."

Official Ending not decided yet.

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