Our Fourth Mission!!

You are in the middle of dinner at your lodgings in England when a knock interrupts your meal. Opening the door, you find a courier with a letter....an envelope sealed with the sign of the violet on it. You open the note hurriedly..it is from Lady Hastings, an urgent message requiring you to be at her home at 3:00 in the afternoon the day after tomorrow.
You arrive at the Hastings home at the appointed time, stepping down from your carriage with the invitation in hand...there seem to be no servants or anyone anywhere about, save for a single maid who greets you at the door. One look at the paper in your hand and she leads you silently down the long hall into the parlour. As the wooden door slides open to admit you, you hear the thunder of carriage wheels drawing up behind you....and your suspicions that you were not the only Guilder invited to this meeting are confirmed as you step into the richly furnished parlour. Lady Hastings is sitting in a large armchair, holding a folded paper in one hand, and several other people you recognize as Guilders are sitting and standing in various positions about the room. Eliza Hastings rises as you enter, holding the paper in her hand tightly. You catch a glimpse of the signature.."Timothy Hastings"...the missive is from her husband, a Bounder in the League of the Scarlet Pimpernel.
"My friend, do sit down....there are only a few more to come, and I only wish to make explanations once."
You take your seat, and spend the next half of an hour in idle conversation with the other Guilders. Finally, the last person has arrived, filling the large parlour quite full, and Lady Hastings rises and looks around at all of you.
"My friends," she says quietly,"something very unusual has happened. The Pimpernel requires our assistance almost more then he ever has hitherto, but not in Paris, not even in France. No, Violet Guilders, our next mission is right here, in England."

Official Ending not decided yet.

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