"Oh no!"
   "Timothy, what is it?"
 Lady Eliza's husband, Timothy Hastings walked out of the bedroom with a piece of paper in his hand.  I immediately recognized the seal of The Scarlet Pimpernel.  I thought the worst.    
"They've left without me.  Chauvelin is sure to capture them now,"  he sank down into a chair.
   "We've got to help them!"  cried the little boy standing next to me.   
 "Gavroche is right," I said, putting a hand on his shoulder.    
"I agree, Leontine, we'd better leave in a hurry,"  Eliza said.    
"Wait!  I'm going, too!" said Gavorche, clutching my hand.    
"Mon petit enfant," I replied, "it is far to dangerous for you."    
"Is not!  I want to help!"  he said, crossing his arms stubbornly.    
"Gavroche, I said no.  That's final,"  I said.  Gavroche plopped down in a chair, pouting.    
"Leontine, our carriage is waiting outside."    
"Right, let's go,"  I reached over to tousle Gavroche's brown hair. "I'll be back soon," I said and followed Eliza and Timothy out the door.
"Mon Dieu, Gavroche!  What on earth are you doing here?" I said after discovering him hanging off the back of the carriage.    
"I told you I wanted to help."    
"Gavi, I said to----"    
"Wait," Eliza broke in, "maybe he can help."    
"What?"  I replied.   
 "I have an idea," ~*
 "Everyone know what they're doing?"
 Eliza's eyes  swept around the group and came to rest on her husband.  We all nodded.  
"Good.  Let's go."
   I drew my sword ready for action.  Letting out an ear-splitting wail, Eliza leapt out into the street and blocked a swipe from my sword.  I made sure to keep my face out of Chauvelin's view so he would not recognize me.  Our screaming and clashing of swords had attracted the attention of Chauvelin and the three guards standing near.
   "Pierre, Jacques, would you?"  Chauvelin, motioning towards Eliza and I.  They nodded, and approached us to break up our "fight".
   "Now!" Timothy said.  He and Gavroche lept out of the shadows and proceeded to accost Chauvelin and the remaining guard.  Gavroche, being rather short, bit into the guard's leg.  He screamed and caught Gavroche by the scruff of his neck.  Chauvelin had already knocked Timothy unconcious with a punch to the jaw.
 "Sieze them!" he shouted to the other guards.  Eliza and I looked at each other and then took off running.  The guards, being slightly faster then us, caught up and dragged us towards Chauvelin.  He had an evil sneer on his face.  
"An interesting group we have here," he said, laughing.   
 A figure appeared in the shadows behind him.  It tapped him on the shoulder, and he turned.  Chauvelin's jaw promptly got acquainted with Timothy's fist.  Eliza and I took that as our cue, and we proceed to double-team the guards.  Gavroche followed our lead and kicked the guard that was still holding him aloft.  He immediatly dropped Gavroche, and clutched his stomach in pain.  Timothy punched the guard, knocking him out.  By then our captors were also knocked out.  Timothy produced a length of rope from his ever present black bag.  We tied the three guards and Chauvelin together.  I planted a kiss on Chauvelin's forehead.
"Sorry, love,"  I said with a giggle.   
 "Can we go now?" said Gavroche.    
"One moment...there," Eliza tucked something into the rope. "Let's go,"   
 We walked off, the sky beginning to gray with the morning sun.
"Dear Scarlet Pimpernel.  It was a trap.  Don't worry, we took care of everthing.  The Marquis and his sons are waiting for you at your lodgings.  Do with these four as you wish.  Signed, a friend,"
 Percy looked at the other Bounders in wonder.
*~ The End ~*

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