I actually feel my heart stop. It is a weird sensation. And then, it suddenly starts again. Only this time, there is a fire in my veins. No one, NO ONE harms my family. People are looking at me now, and I have a weird sensation that I know what is coming next
"Lady Eliza," says one of the guilders who has no relative or connection to any leaguer, looking straight at me, "I think some of the guild might be to close to handle this mission objectively."
"Olivia has never ahd a probelm before.."Eliza starts, but I stop her.
"No, I understand, with my former French statis and my relations with the league, some here don't trust me. Fine, I don't need any of you." With that I stalk out of the room, and head for the door, leaving a buzz and shuffling behind me.
"Gerard," I call to the stable boy. "I need my horse." Within moments, I am flying through the streets of London towards the town house. Miles, my butler opens the door to me, and I walk in spouting orders. "Miles, send to Louis's. I need him, Collette and Francois here immediately. Tell her to bring the prostitute costumes and the makeup." I run upstairs, and prepare to handle the situation as I can. Another messenger has been dispatched to have a yacth ready for me at Dover, ready to sail for Calais. My hair is still fairly ragged from the last mission, but I touch it up anyways. Suddenly, Collete bursts into the room. "What on earth has happened?" she asks. She has the costumes and the make up. I immediately take one of the costumes and put it on. Next, I take the stage make and change my appearence. A scar on my cheek, olive skin, red lips, dirt. All the while, I explain the plan to Collete, who insisted on helping me get in the temple. Francois and Louis have changed into the revolutionary clothes, and where waiting downstairs.
"Do you have it?" I asked. Francois nodded. "Good. Here, you'll need these," I said, handing them each a sword and or a pistol. I had one of each, hidden by the skirts of my costume, and a dagger up my sleeve. We all went out, mounting the horses I had provided. Before going, I had sent a note back to the violet guild.
"The situation is being handled. Stay out of it. The Rose.
It felt very strange to use that moniker again. I had not thought of being the Rose for along time. I was home, with Matthew and Percy, and I had the Guildbacking me. But that was gone now. Matthew was captured, Percy was on the run, and the Guild had turned away. I was on my own.

The trip on the yacht was been tense for me. The others slept, while I formulated the plan. The temple had ten guards on average. Two whores with drugged wine would take care of them. Then, we had to get as all the leaguers, and any aristos we possibly could. This was not going to be easy. We docked in Calais and took swift horses to Paris. Entering by the South Gate, we seperated planning to rendevous at eleven oclock at the temple. We needed to move fast. First, I sent Collette to get some flagons of wine, enough for ten men. Then, I went in search of two who had gone to earth. I found them in a pathetic tavern near the river. Both looked completely forlorn, sitting alone in a corner. I sauntered over, and made my move.
"Bonjour messieurs. You would like a little company, no?" I said. Percy stared at the table, as Andrew looked up at me. "My name is Marie-Rose."
Percy's head snapped to attention.
"Mademoiselle, I think that is an excellent idea. Come on, Philippe, let us go," Percy answered as Andrew looked at me, confused, but followed the leader, tossing some coins to the barkeep, and trailing after me. I led them to a small sewer tunnel, near the river, where you could see Notre Dame.
"Livia, what the hell...." Percy started, but I stopped him.
"Time is short, Percy. I assume the rest of the league is in the Temple?"
"Yes, but we would need at least six people to get them out, and they will be executed tomorrow."
"That is why the Rose has come home, and with help. Here is the plan....."

Jean-Luc looked out forlornly into the Parisian night, wishing he wasn't the gate man. Nights this dead made him exhausted. Suddenly, two women walked towards him out of the mist. They were women of ill repute, surely, and each of them carried a wine flagon.
"A little party, monsieur, in honor of the capture of the Pimpy's men," said one, with dark hair. "Someone sent for us."
"Only is I can have some of that wine," he answered, emptying water out of his wooden cup. The petite blond poured him a cup, and gave him a kiss. He smiled, and let the two pass, thinking that maybe they would still be around after his shift. He took a long lingering drink of the wine, and turned back to the Paris night. Five minutes later, he was out cold, and four men were stripping his uniform, weapons, and papers.

Collette and I had made quick work of the guards, except one, who I had lured into a cell, and then knocked out cold. Collette had let the men in, who made quick work of stripping the guards of their clothes. I, meanwhile, had found the cells of the various leaguers, telling them to report to the guard room and their leader. The last one I found was Matthew, badly beaten, but alive. I knelt and kissed him gently. He looked into the face of the French tart before him, and saw me, smiling through the pain. I helped him out of the cell, and got him changed. We had found extra uniforms and soon all but Collette and I were out as I made sure all the guards were tied tight.
We had let all the aristos out we could, and I gave them papers, and told them where to seek help getting out of the country. Then, we joined the others, and split of to make our escape. Percy, Andrew, and most of the leaguers went away, as guards searching for the Pimpernel himself, while my team, Matthew and another leaguer went out another gate, posing as country folk headed home. We had trouble, but I simply shot the guard. I had had a very long two days. On the road to Calais, we met the Guild members, heading for Paris. Realizing they were too late, they road back with us. I fell back, to ride next to Eliza.
"You realize you could have been killed," she said.
"No. I am too ornery to die. But I won't hear the end of this from Percy and Matthew when we get home."
"Well, I am proud of you. I'm sorry for that other man's reaction.."
"It was not your fault."
Just then I heard a throat clear near me and turned to find the offending Guilder riding next to me.
"I..well I'm sorry for doubting you, Lady de Bretagne."
"Think nothing of it. I understand."
With that I galloped ahead to ride by myself, trying to figure out how on Earth I was going to explain this one to Percy and Matthew.


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