My blood runs cold at the mention of my godbrother's secret identity.
" What do I have to do?" I ask with fiery determination.
"Here are you instructions, read.."
"And destroy them, I know. I'll leave immediately," I answer.
I exit quickly, and take leave of my companions for the evening, claiming a sudden headache. Once back in my London mansion, I read the instructions. It has been discovered that important information has been leaked about Percy's latest mission and that unless someone stops him, Chauvelin may very well succeed in killing him and many league members, including Matthew. I quickly destroy the note and send for my messenger.
"Take word to Jellyband at the "Fisherman's Rest" Tell him I will arrive very soon, to have a chartered schooner for me under the name Amanda UptheGrove, lady merchant, waiting to sail for Calais. Go."
The man rushes off. I look at my hair, just starting to look decent again after my escape from Paris. Daam. I take shears and hack off two inches. Next come the wig, to hide this massacre. Then, the clothes I will need. Lady's travel wear, and a peasantman's clothes. My coach waits for me, and I leave a note for Marguerite, who I was supposed to spend the day with tomorrow, saying I was unexpectedly called to Wales.
The coach driver flew like the devil himself was on his heels, and I was soon siling the channel for Calais. I had changed into the mans costume, using my knowledge of the theater to disguise my face. Landing in Calais, I was immediately on the road to Paris, using rendevous information Lady Hastings had gotten from her husband, to intercept the Pimpernel.
I arrived in Paris by the west Gate, praying I wasn't too late. I arrived at the rendevous point, and saw the men through the window.
Thank God. Quickly, I grabbed one of the Inn's stable boys. I gave him money and told him to give the men a note.

You and your men are in danger. Your cover has been blown. Change plans.
A Friend."

I watched from the opposite corner as the men read the note, then quickly paid and left the inn. I breathed a sigh of relief as they hurried away, and realized how close a call it had been when five minutes later, a company of the citoyen army arrived, and began seaching the premisses.
A few days later:
I am sitting next to a roaring fire in the parlor of my London home, emroidering a lovely hankerchief. Suddenly, Miles, my butler came in.
"Miss, this just came for you."
I took the note and thanked him. The note was short and very sweet.

Wonderful work as usual; you saved them in the nick of time, I hear. Well done.
L. E.~"

Underneath the writting was a small drawing of a flower. Miles came back in.
"Lady, Sir Matthew Morston and Sir Percy Blakeney to see you."
"Show them in," I said, tossing the note on the fire, watching it burn.
The two came in, Matthew kissing me gently, and Percy giving me a hug.
"How was that business trip to the continent?" I asked.
"A little trouble with the arrangements," said Percy.
"But we had a bit of help from an associate," Matthew answered.
In the dim parlor, I simply smiled.

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