My mind drifts trying to see if there are any clues as to who would betray the Guild. I don't seem to recall anyone to be extremely nervous or have any looks of deceit on their face. I know that Lady Hastings will be particuarly supicious and I vow silently to help to find the person. I don't realize it but when I snap back into reality I am kneeling on the floor.

I carefully pick up the shattered tea cup, making sure not to cut my hands with any of the dangerously sharp pieces. Then I think of my husband; he is part of the Pimpernel's group. What if they too have a traitor? It would put my husband and the others of the group at great risk. I suddenly get very light-headed and stood up, placing my hand against the wall for stability. Then I realize that perhaps Lady Hastings thinks that I am the traitor. I have just joined the group and it seems clear that my dropping of the tea cup might give her some doubt.

I wish I would have told Lord Bartony, my husband, of my membership to the Violet Guild so that I could seek refuge in his gentle embrace. But, I refuse to dwell on what I should have done and make another promise to my self never to live on things I should've done but what I can do.

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