I tend to write somewhat erratically, when and if (a big if) I get inspired. So here are all of the scenes for "He The Friend" that I have managed to write thus far. I've also included some of the scenes from the story that I've acted out, on the Internet, with various friends; although these aren't *real* drafts, they might serve as at least a partial base once I start writing the real thing. The scenes are listed in what's vaguely akin to chronological order, and divided more or less by three major segments in Andrew's life.

Book 1: 1765-1789--Before the Scarlet Pimpernel

A very brief prologue, covering Andrew's birth. (Let's start at the very beginning, a very good place to start..)

January 1778 - Chance Meeting
Andrew's first encounter with Sir Percy Blakeney, age 10. Background: Andrew, away at boarding school, has learned of his father's death in America and run away in the snow. Percy arrives in the midst of the search and, simply out of boredom, claims to be a friend of the missing and joins in. He finds Andrew huddled under an overhang and they both must hole up there throughout the night. Scene takes place following morning.

April 1789 -- Paris (Grief, and another chance meeting..)(soon)
Andrew and Percy are in Paris, following Andrew's niece's death and en route to Austria, where Percy's mother is being held in an asylum. I call this Andrew-Javert. :4)

August 1790 - July 1794: League Years

January 1791: Enter Evan Cruche
Percy has begun the League of the Scarlet Pimpernel and is hopping back and forth between France, helping the (still few, for now) unjustly condemned. This scene shows one of the Leaguers, Cruche, joining.

October , 1792
Poor wounded sick Andrew, wandering Calais in search of Percy after leaving Marguerite at the Chat Gris; The Scarlet Pimpernel situation, of course.

December 24th, 1793
Andrew returns home from a mission to his 6-months' wife, Suzanne Ffoulkes nee de Tournay, and finds her oddly hormonal..

January 15, 1794: A Very Long Ride
Percy has been captured through the treachery of his brother-in-law, and Andrew hurries frantically home to tell Marguerite.

January 28, 1794: Fear
Jenn knows I'm a bit hung up on the whole dagger thing in Eldorado, as I always have been. Random scene with Andrew and another Leaguer, preparing for a possible visit to their imprisoned leader.

February 11th? 1794: Suspense and Surprise
Two different scenes, actually; Andrew sending the other Leaguers onto the Daydream, per Percy's instructions, and then going himself to Le Portel, hoping to hear news.

Mistrust and Discussion
A random scene involving a post-Percy's-escape discussion of the former-traitor, his brother-in-law Armand St Just.

April 1794: Reunion (Soon!)
Andrew has been imprisoned for a little over a month, but has at last been rescued and returns to an understandably distraught (not to mention pregnant) Suzanne...

1794-1797: The End
April 1797: Uncertainty(Soon)
Suzanne is very ill and possibly dying. This is where this epic would end. (Ha! As if I'll ever finish it.)


The few scenes that have been acted out, in dialogue form...

February 1794: All is Well
Andrew returns to Suzanne after Percy is safe.

April 1794: Rescued
After weeks of imprisonment, Percy has finally found and rescued Andrew.

Another Reunion!
A not-very-good-on-my-part attempt at writing the Andrew and Suzanne reunion. All of the above done with the assistance of dear friend Michele.