This will, shortly, be an outline of the story (as soon as I finish writing the outline of the story..heh). Down below is my bibliography, such as it thus is. (It'll get larger as I do more of the research I need to do).


(Those with a little have a scene written about it that you can read.)
1765 -- Andrew born May 4th
1774 Marion Ffoulkes weds Lord Horace Tarkington, August
1774 Agnes Ffoulkes weds Christopher Heron, November
1775 Andrew sent off to school, January.
1778 Barnabas Ffoulkes killed in the American colonies, January. Andrew, age 12, leaves school. It is winter, storming and very cold, and a search is begun for the young boy. Percy Blakeney, a wealthy off-and-on boarder, arrives and, for lack of anythign else to do, claims to be a friend of the missing boy and joins in the search. Percy finds Andrew huddled under an overhang, but the weather is now too bad for either to find their way back to the school. They spend the night, Percy keeping Andrew awake instinctively, saving his life although neither is aware of it. Andrew is sent home for the funeral, then returns.
1778 Gloria Beatrix Heron born February.
1778 Gladys Ffoulkes, Andrew's mother, dies at the Tarkingtons' home June. 1778--1783 Andrew lives with his sister Marion and her husband, good but distant and wealthy people -- he is uncomfortable and dissatisfied without being aware of it, and one of his few pleasures is being allowed to spend time in the city with Christopher Heron, Agnes' advocate husband, and their children. Good with children, he is popular -- although held a little in contempt with Marion's children -- with all his nieces and nephews, but is especially close to Glory.
1783 May. Andrew's eighteenth birthday passes unremarked by all, especially him; but he is now of age and his parents' estate is his. Christopher arrives and tactfully broaches the subject of Ffoulkes living on his own. Andrew is a little frightened and astonished at his sudden adulthood and resposnibility, but becomes conscious of being a buden on his sister and her husband and reluctantly agrees to move into his country estate in Richmond. Marion is ecstatic; they all go together to reopen the house, while Andrew takes rooms in London near to where Agnes lives. Andrew escapes eagerly from the bustle and sordidness and is wandering the grounds. He steps absentmindedly over the low, crumbled wall that is all taht remians of the boundary between his estate and the adjoining one. An elegant, indolent, fashionable young man is lolling casually in the forest, and addresses Ffoulkes -- in their conversation, it is soon revealed it is Percy Blakeney (Sir now) who has returned to set his own estate in order, his father recently dead.

Novels (available in published form)

The Scarlet Pimpernel
The Elusive Pimpernel
The Way of the Scarlet Pimpernel,br> The League of the Scarlet Pimpernel
The Adventures of the Scarlet Pimpernel
All by Baroness Orczy (also known as Emmuska Orczy)


The Scarlet Pimpernel Series
Anything not available here simply isn't available, and hence I haven't read it or used it as a source. (makes sense, non?)

Historical Junk

Historical Timeline
This was an extensive source, but I haven't followed the "Integrated Timeline of The Scarlet Pimpernel and The French Revolution" at all, because it's partly based on John Blakeney's book which I politely feel to be a load of funky fewmets.

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