A.K.A. Danina wastes time

La. So, being extraordinarly devoid of inspiration for any deep or meaningful page -- being likewise devoid of time to make a website anti-Child labor, that being the only meaningful thing I could have thought of -- Danina's website for HTML class consists of an elaborate outline for her largest and scariest fanfiction yet to date, "He The Friend", based on Baroness Orczy's "The Scarlet Pimpernel". That's the current plan, anyway. At present, this is what my website consists of...I don't suppose it makes an awful lot of sense if you haven't read the novel that serves as my background, but this is basically a glorified outline complete with character biographies, plot summary, historical outline (it's set during the French Revolution) etc etc etc. As you can see from the sidebar, just navigate where you would wish. Note to those viewing this not of Masterman: You've all read most if not all of the scenes in the "Scenes" section, if you didn't help me write them, so don't get excited. :4)