Character Bios (brief physical and emotional descriptions)
Leaguers (list of those in the League of the Scarlet Pimpernel in my reality)
The Ffoulkes/Heron/Tarkington family tree


Full Name Birthdate Relationship to Andrew Ffoulkes Brief Physical Description A Few Outstanding Characteristics
Andrew Marlow Ffoulkes May 4th, 1765 You figure it out Average height, blue eyes, golden-brown hair Loyal, shy, spiritual, sympathetic, faithful, loving
Suzanne de Tournay Ffoulkes April 24th, 1769 Wife Rather dainty; brown eyes and hair Shy but occasionally mischievous, trusting, loving, kind
Marion Ffoulkes Tarkington December 4th, 1751 Eldest sister Tall, thin; golden brown hair and dark blue eyes Severe, fiercely protective of those she loves, intelligent, conforming
Horace Tarkington November 8th, 1745 Brother-in-law; husband of Marion Tall, grey eyes and brown hair which greys early Withdrawn and impassive but overall kind
Agnes Ffoulkes Heron May 26th, 1755 Elder sister Average height; blue eyes and blonde hair Impulsive and not necessarily very clever, but sweet and selfless and posessed of more common sense than first would appear
Christopher Heron January 8th, 1753 Brother-in-law; wife of Agnes Brown hair and green eyes, not necessarily handsome but not unpleasant-looking A bright lawyer, pleasant and devoted to his family; very slow to trust
Gloria Heron February 16th, 1778 Niece; eldest daughter of Agnes and Christopher Golden hair and brown eyes Sweet and affectionate child who dies young
Percival Blakeney (Percy) August 27th, 1764 Closest friend Very tall and handsome, blonde hair and blue eyes To all appearances, a worthless and brainless fop; in fact a firm friend, courageous leader and worshipful husband, intelligent and intense
Marguerite St Just Blakeney August 26th, 1767 Close friend; wife of Percy Tall for a woman and slender; red-gold hair and blue eyes Clever and impulsive, loves intensely
Antony Dewhurst (Tony) September 3rd, 1764 Close friend Sturdily built, blonde and blue-eyed Mischievous and a risk-taker, brash and courageous
Augustine de Tournay de Basserive October 19th, 1740 Mother-in-law Imperial and imposing, handsome despite her years Haughty and withdrawn, a true aristocrat, but capable of deep affection
Marcelin de Tournay September 24th, 1736 Father-in-law Once handsome but now rather commonplace looking Proud but not conceited, a reserved and gentle older man
Pierre de Tournay March 1st, 1773 Brother-in-law; younger brother of Suzanne Weakly handsome, brown eyes and blonde hair Rather weak, foolish and foppish young man, impulsive and prejudiced, but pleasant enough to those he cares for

Members of the League of the Scarlet Pimpernel

Note: anything in italics is my own invention and has no known basis in the novels, and all the dates are my own idea.

NameTitle/OccupationFamilyDate of Joining The League
Percy Blakeney (the Scarlet Pimpernel) Sir (Baronet)Wife, Marguerite (St Just)September 1790
Andrew Ffoulkes Sir (Baronet)Wife, Suzanne (de Tournay); daughter, RosemaryOctober 1790
Antony DewhurstLordFather, Duke of Exeter; wife, Yvonne (de Keronogan)October 1790
Timothy Hastings LordWife, Eliza (Bernoad)January 1791
Benjamin Everingham LordUnknownApril 1791
Evan Cruche Sir Unknown January 1791
Richard Thomas Galveston Lord Sister, Lillian April 1791
Edward Mackenzie Lord Unknown April 1791
William Stowmarries Lord Wife, Beatrice February 1791
Jeremiah Wallescourt Sir Wife, Sibyl; Children December 1790
David Holte (Froggie) Viscount of Frogham Unknown February 1791
Phillip Glynde Sir Father, banker December 1790
Christopher Heron Advocate Wife, Agnes; children, Gloria (deceased) and several others February 1791
John Barstow of York Unknown February 1791
Simon Aincourt Doctor Unknown October 1790
John Bathurst Sir Unknown December 1790
Armand St Just Initially, employee of the French government. Apres ca..pas d'idee Wife, Jeanne (Lange) December 1791
Alfred Kulmsted Lord Unknown October 1790
St John Devinne Lord Father, Gery Rudford August 1791
Conrad Fanshawe Lord Unknown April 1791

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