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My little obsessions!

Okay, I have LOTS of obsessions, but today I'm just going to list a few.

I am obsessed with the fantasy world my friend Escra has created for her stories. According to her, and me too, I am a half-elf/half-Tykin mage. There should soon be some great stories from Escra up at the Enchanted Forest.

I am obsessed with Mystery Science Theatre 3000. What is Mystery Science Theatre 3000? It is most EXACTLY the kind of show I could come up with when I'm sugar-high! What happens is, two robots and a guy, trapped in a circling satellite, are forced to watch cheezy movies. What they do is make all these comments about them....
Inane? Yes. Twisted? OH yes. Funny? Absofrigginlutely hilarious. :4)

I am obsessed with the Scarlet Pimpernel. What is the Scarlet Pimpernel? "Why, nothin' more then a humble wayside flower..."
The Scarlet Pimpernel is the title of a novel by Baroness Orczy. It has also been made into MY FAVORITE MOVIE starring the wonderful Anthony Andrews, Jane Seymour and Ian Mckellan, and an INCREDIBLE Broadway musical that is, at the moment, starring Terrence Mann, Christine Andreas and Douglas Sills, although ::Sob::: there will shortly be changes..
Anyway, the plot is thus: The Scarlet Pimpernel is the pseudonym chosen to hide his identity by an Englishman, no one knows who save for his few faithful helpers, who is rescuing French aristocrats from the guillotine in the middle of the French Revolution. The beautiful Lady Marguerite Blakeney, like everyone else in England, is intrigued and excited by this mysterious hero....all the more so because she is in an unhappy marriage, to a man who always acts like a total fop and idiot. Anyway, the story goes on....it has almost everything!
Intrigue, adventure, loyalty, blackmail, betrayal, love....read it!

I am obsessed with Redwall, a series of great adventure books by Brian Jacqes.

I am obsessed with the Christian rock group Shaded Red. I heard these guys for the first time at the Creation '98 rock festival, and was WOWED. These guys are incredible. Their music is very varied, everythign from hard rock to ballad-type songs. The lyrics are beautiful and inspirational. I JUST LOVE THIS BAND!!

I have many more obsessions, but that's all I'll put for now!

My obsessions given Web-shape and form..

The Scarlet Pimpernel!:
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I am obsessed with The Scarlet Pimpernel! Go here to see me and about 30 of my fellow-obsesers and I save the Pimpernel via fanfictions and scenarios...
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The BEST Scarlet Pimpernel Fanfiction site!
Sir Percy's Place
One of the best Scarlet Pimpernel sites around! Images, stuff about the novels, movies, and most importantly the musical!
Anna's Unofficial Scarlet Pimpernel HomePage
Another wonderful SP site!!!
Writing!(not that this obsession doesn't work its way into everything else ANYWAY...):
The Enchanted Forest
A site of stories and stuff, written by me, my friend Chance, and friends of ours!
Arrowbreeze Surefire's Burrow
My redwall site!
Redwall Abbey
THE Redwall Site