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A woman. It is hard to tell her age..she is certainly no longer young, but she doesn't seem all that old either, despite the fact that her head boasts more than one white hair among the thick auburn strands. She sits by the fire, seemingly lost in reverie, but evidences no surprise when you draw near.
Good afternoon, my friend..
Her French accent is very marked, but she seems to have a fine command of English. Please, please..sit down. I'm sorry I'm not exactly fit company this afternoon...it..well, never mind..
You glance up at her in interest, and she smiles..a sad smile, as if the tale is familiar, and not entirely happy. Have something to drink...there's no reason for you to know things that will mean nothing to you. Perhaps..perhaps I would not mind telling, a little later..but, first, I think, you should learn about him. Understand him. Who? Oh..
She laughs, a surprisingly youthful giggle
I mean Jean Valjean, my friend..you've heard of him, I see. He was..is..very dear to me...
She looks about her at the room, and shrugs helplessly with a self-deprecating smile
It is easier, this way...Danina has been very kind, allowing me this bit of space..I want to show others, entendu? What sort of man he was. Is. I hope.
You need to understand Jean, you see...here's a few passages that might give you a hint..they're not all up, yet. Danina's still making this whole "hyperlink" concept understandable to me..and there's also a..story or two.

Love Has Come Of Age
This is my story...it has no title..may never..it's just my life, after all! That's hardly interesting! But Danina has insisted on calling it "Love Has Come Of Age" until I come up with a proper name..now, I suppose I could understand something different...something from one of those love songs in Les Miserables...but Danina insists there *IS* a reason for this..it's very confusing..something about how the man who was Valjean--why would anyone want to *act* Jean?--was in something else..something called Jeh-kill and Hide, I think..and sang this song...but he doesn't sing it now..it'snoteven sung on stage..oh, it makes my head spin. Anyways, there it is. My story. The start of it, at least. I wrote it all in French, you understand, and we're having quite a time translating it..
A Withered Heart
Apparently this is a little play examining some events between Jean Valjean and that woman, Madame Victurnien, who maneuvered to get that poor child fired from her job..Danina won't tell me if it's true or not...I keep insisting I'm not the jealous type, but, ah well...

Passages From Les Miserables. These are all still in the process of being put up..no links work except for the e-text
An E-text of the entire novel:
Book One
Book Two
Book Three
Book Four
Book Five
Bio What happened before the prison.
I don't like to read this, myself..it's a little..painful. But it *is* true..most of it..
Come in, sir, for you are weary.. Valjean's encounter with the Bishop
He was a good man, to be so kind to Jean..!
What have I done? Valjean's thoughts after being spared.
Can this be true? I don't believe what I see.. The runaway cart!
That sad smile..I know that.
I will see it done! Valjean's rescue of Fantine.
She smiles a little, a hint of triumph breaking through the sorrow He has done some good, hasn't he?
He thinks that man is me.. Valjean's meditations before turning himself in.
I wish..I could have been there, that night...She sighs, and seems to almost wipe at a tear
Who am I? I'm Jean Valjean! The trial
She closes her eyes, seeming somehow to see the trial very clearly
Take my child, I give her to your keeping. Fantine's death and the confrontation with Javert
Half to herself The poor girl...
There is a duty I must heed.. Valjean's rescue of Cosette and subsequent bargain with the Thenardiers.
I will sing you lullabies and wake you in the morning! Valjean and Cosette's happy life immediately following the Thenardiers, before the convent.
Her eyes seem even more distant and faraway, as if she sees something that might have been hers.
A fugitive running.. Valjean escapes Javert's clutches yet again.
Watch out for old Thenardier.. The affair in the Gorbeau tenement
"Now that I know that you *love*?! me as well.." Valjean upon first finding the letter from Marius
She speaks quickly, as if expecting you to condemn him You do not know..how it is, to have someone your whole world, and lose them suddenly, of their own free will...
Your life is safe in my hands Valjean spares Javert.
Carried like a babe Valjean rescues Marius
Upon this wedding night I pray.. Valjean's meditations on Cosette's wedding night.
There is a story you must hear.. Valjean tells Marius of his past.
She links her hands together, eyes upon the floor It was so hard for him..
Take my hand, and lead me to salvation. Valjean's death
She flinches. It needs to be here, I know..but it is hard..it is so hard.

From Danina
Coming soon...

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