Signs You Know You Are Becoming Overly Interested in Sir Andrew(in no particular order)

1)You go through (very brief) periods when you *almost* don't like the musical because they ommited Ffoulkes.

2) You go through (very brief) periods when you *almost* don't like the 1982 Anthony Andrews movie because Sir Andrew's character is not developd and the actor playing him does not entirely look the part.

3)You make a page dedicated to Sir Andrew Ffoulkes.

4) You can get into a heated debate defending your particular pronunciation of Ffoulkes(folks, fokes, fowlks, fowks, fookes, foolks, etc.)

5)You write fanfictions wherein Ffoulkes has a bigger part then Percy or Chauvelin.

6) You entertain assasination thoughts on Suzanne De Tournay because if she was out of the way maybe YOU would have a chance with Ffoulkes.

7) You go through (very brief) periods where you think Ffoulkes is almost as handsome/brave/wonderful as Sir Percy.

8)These periods become a permanent state of affairs.

9) You nickname Ffoulkes "His Junior Divinity"

1O) The only redeeming quality you found in the A&E film was the fact that "at least Ffoulkes looked good."(courtesy Jen)

11) You think out(and possibly even write out) Sir Andrew Ffoulkes being extremely brave in Chauvelin's clutches following "The Outrage"

12) You give the chatper where Marguerite reveals what she knows to Ffoulkes various nicknames. "FfoulkesyBemused, FfoulkesyConfused, FfoulkesyAdorablyOutofHisDepth", etc.

13)You call Sir Andrew "Ffoulkesy"

14) You bang your head against the wall when you cause any pain, emotional or physical, to Ffoulkes in a fanfiction.(This applies to Marguerite and Sir Percy as well)

15) You find the worst injustice Buccaneer Books commited in arbitrarily editing "Eldorado", besides the prison scene, to be the removal of the chapter(An Interlude) wherein Ffoulkes has a large part.

16) You can reread chapters in Eldorado, The Scarlet Pimpernel, The Elusive Pimpernel, or any other Scarlet Pimpernel book wherein Sir andrew Ffoulkes appears indefinitely.

17)You type up entire stories from "The League of the Scarlet Pimpernel" or "The Adventures of the Scarlet Pimpernel" because Ffoulkes appears in them.

18) You spend days on the web before creating your Ffoulkes page seaching for pictures of actors who have played him.

19) You insist that the unknown Leaguer speaking in "My Sweet Marguerite" from the little-known other musical of The Scarlet Pimpernel is Sir Andrew Ffoulkes.(Courtesy Michele)

20) Your grandmother gets a cat or dog, and without hesitation you christen the pet "Sir Andrew".(Courtesy Jen)

21) You do everything on this list and think it is perfectly normal.

22)You call him Ffoulkesypooh, but insist that if anyone else does, you'll have their head on a plate...(Courtesy Michele)

23)You decide to make your fan-fic character Sir Andrew's relative, only because that Suzanne girl stands in the way of making him your love interest...(Courtesy Michele)