I love fanfictions. LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE THEM!!! And here's an index of what I have and what I'm working on. Comments on either the story itself or the idea for an as-yet-unposted story would be *MORE* than welcome!!!!!!!!(Anything stated as "tentative" means I dont' like the title I've chosen and need *YOU* to email me with a better one!)
Note: With the exception of "Phantom of the Opera" fanfictions and "Secret Garden" fanfictions, I base all my fanfictions first and foremost on the novel unless otherwise noted.

By Moi

The Scarlet Pimpernel

A Sister's Love One of maybe TWO things on this page that are actually completed. A highly "cheezy" fanficton from the viewpoint of Chauvelin's younger sister, set about a year after the events of the boook.
Unseen Beauty(tentative) Um...going to be *very* long! :4) Chapitres un et deux up thus far. The title comes from a line in a song that used to be in Jane Eyre the musical.."But there is beauty in her heart, that nobody will ever see!" Change "her" to "his" and you've got my protagonist in a nutshell.
Angel Blessing, Demon Chance What if the execution at the end of the 1982 film had been *real*? No, I DON'T kill off Percy--"I lack sufficient courage", to quote from teh selfsame film--he lives by one bullet, hence the title. Chapters one, two and part of three up.
Coming soon..
Into The Mist: A joint endeavour with dear friend Jenn
The Friend: A shameless copy off of "The Sportsman" on Jen's page. An autobiography of Sir Andrew Ffoulkes
Untitled: The sequel to "Unseen Beauty"..which ALSO has a sequel..
The Best of Our Dreams: A look at Chauvelin's life before the revolution, in play form.
Untitled: A fanfiction involving characters from "Out of the Jaws of Death" and "The Traitor" from The League of the Scarlet Pimpernel. (Two words: Lady Kulmsted :4) )
Embittered: An autobiography of Paul Notara, from "The Chief's Way" from The Adventures of the Scarlet Pimpernel
Untitled: Spies and the women who love them..:4) A story about Vivian Eldon(possibly another name) who is in love with..well, whoever the "villain" turns out to be in Pimpernel and Rosemary

Les Miserables

Love Has Come Of Age(not even tentative, jus tsomething to call it) My huge ongoing epic, my "Shameless Indulgence Of An Overpowering Obsession With Jean Valjean", call it what you will! :4) Chapters one to three up!(The title is from a love song on one of the Jekyll & Hyde concept albums. What does Jekyll&Hyde have to do with Les Miserables? Well, on this particular album, Colm Wilkinson was Jekyll..and who else was Colm Wilkinson? That's right ! Jean Valjean!)
A Withered Heart An EXTREMELy melodramatic dialogue between M. le maire and Mme Victurnien(the woman who gets Fantine dismissed in the novel) the morning after Fantine's arrest. In play form.
Coming soon..
One Already Dead: Another one of those "Jean Prouvaire Has Sweet Encounter A Few Days Prior To The Barricades" fics.


All coming soon..
Lorselon's Sacrifice: The first fanfiction I *Ever* wrote(and I'm convinced it was a subconscious longing for the as yet-unknown Les Miserables that inspired it..) This one is almost entirely done and will be up here soon.
Cecilia(or Celine) Dawnrose, A Mossflower Love Story(tentative): How's THAT for a sappy title? Somebody's in love with Gingivere..
All Good Things: The fallof Salamandastron and Redwall, due I *THINK* to a plague of some sort.
Untitled: The sequel to the above. What happens to the survivors?


He's There: Meg and the Phantom..hey, humor me!

Into the Crossovers!

Untitled: Blanche Ingram and Sir Andrew Ffoulkes. Again, humor me. It works. *Really* :4) And yes, I think I may move Jane Eyre back a few years to, say, before 1810..
Untitled: Grantaire saves Enjolras by sacrificing his own life(this could work, really, you'll see when it's posted) and Enjolras is left in the care of Alice(Or Agnes?) Grantaire, his younger sister. Grantaire's also left behind a pregnant young woman.... And later on Phantom enters into it via Carlotta.(I've taken the liberty of moving Phantom of the Opera back about twenty years to make it work, say 1841 rather than 1861, since POTO doesn't involve any major historical events)
Legacy: The illegitimate son from the above fic. Marius and Cosette's rebellious, restless daughter. Neville Craven. Be afraid. Be *very* afraid. :4) (And yes, due to timeline discrepancies I'm moving Secret Garden from 1911 to say the 1860's or around there..again, using the justification that it involves no major historical events)