Danina.....hey,i already told you about me! Go back to my main page and find out about me, you dummy!
Oh, fine, I'll tell you some more stuff.
My goals:
I would like to spend at least a year teaching English and Christianity at hte English Language Institute China
I would like to get at least one novel published.....I'll settle for more, never fear! :4)
I would like to someday meet one of the following people: my dear online friends Tyril(Alexis), Escra(Jessica), Emily, Scarlet and Stephen(Elf).
I would like to meet one of my favorite authors: Robin Mckinley, Susan Cooper or Ann Rinaldi
I would like to be a teacher.
My quirks...
I once spent two whole years taping a sheet over my closet every night. I was convinced there was something in the closet and as long as the sheet was there it couldn't get out.
It always takes me forever to remember to get pictures developed.
I have, in my time, had nine hamsters. They were named the following:
Gurgi. Reepicheep. Eilonwy. Taran. Orddu, Orwen, and Orgoch. Thethuninang. Snitter.
If you have read: The Chronicles of Narnia, The Book of Three and its sequels, Watership Down, or Plague Dogs you will have understood at least SOME of those names. :4)
I will read certain parts of the following books over and over and OVER without showing any signs of fatigue.
The Dark is Rising and its sequels.
The Scarlet Pimpernel
Eldorado(sequel to the Scarlet Pimpernel)
The Elusive Pimpernel(I'm going to give you the benefit of hte doubt and assume you can figure out what this is a sequel to)
Jane Eyre
I will watch the following movies over and over w/o ne signs of fatigue..
The Scarlet Pimpernel
The Goodbye Girl
The Last Unicorn
I will listen to teh following albums over and over without...guess!
The Scarlet Pimpernel: The New Musical Adventure orginal broadway cast recording
Shaded Red
I like to ride my bike and walk my dog for hours on end. Not with anyone...just alone with my thoughts. Often, these thoughts will be about a story or fanfic I am currently working on, and I often enact out dialogue under my breath....if you see a tall, heavyset girl with dark hair riding around or walking a beagle and talking to herself, come up and say hi, 'tis probably me!
When I was thirteen, I threw out all of the barbie dolls and such that I used to have, except for my Puppy in my Pocket collection...consisting of more then 50 miniature cats and dogs, it sits on my shelf this very moment. :4)
Those are all my quirks....NOT!
HahahahaahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahhahahahaHA! Goodness, you really DON'T know me if you think those are all the weird things about me, do you?? But I shan't bore you any longer, let's move on to another one of my faces....


Alright Escra, look at this! Look good and long! Here, rigth now, I am explaining Tykins! What are Tykins? Tykins are a species created by my dear friend Escra. Tykins have rather bad tempers, and as a general sort are not the sort of people you want to cross(I'm very different, of course! ::waits for the agreement of the reader::: RIGHT?) on a dark night. Tykins are very tall, with a greenish tint to their skin and fiery red hair. Tykin mages wear a necklace with a single dragon tooth on it. They also have a unique talent....if they are wounded in battle, or they draw on their own lifeforce, they can become dragons. Kaluchiz is my Tykin name, one I picked myself. But I am not merely Tykin...half-Tykin, half-elven I am. This means I have a little less of a temper then most Tykins, as well as a better fashion sense, at least in my opinion....:::shields herself from any genuine Tykins out there who LIKE their fashion sense:::: And that's Kaluchiz! I have other faces, shall we move on...?

Lady Eliza Charlotta Hastings!

Do you like the Scarlet Pimpernel? Are you in the Violet Guild? If so, I am probably better known to you as "Lady Eliza Charlotta Hastings"....but you can call me Eliza. Lady Hastings is the rather plain, rather book-wormish wife of one of Sir Percival Blakeney's courageous Bounders. On discovering her husband's involvement, she wished to help him, but was refused...and so, she formed the Violet Guild!! A group made up of those who wish to help and protect the Scarlet Pimpernel and his League, we follow and guard. None know of the Violet Guild except Lady Hastings' husband, Lord Timothy...so SHHHHHH! Follow the link at the bottom of hte page to join the Violet Guild... Or follow another link, to the DEN, to read Lady Eliza Charlotta's story!

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