If you are on AOL, you may at some point or another choose to IM me(I go by Kaluchiz and Viletguild, but am most often to be found under the title of Danina4God). This is a small list of things NOT to say to me. :4)
#1: "The Scarlet Pimpernel? What is that, some kind of acne condition?"
#2: "Kaluchiz is a weird name...."(It's my name and goshdarnit I like it!)
#3: "I liked your stories!"(I'm serious here! I cannae take a compliment to save my life!)
#4: "Douglas Sills is ugly."(I warn you! I can have something like 30-40 people who disagree with that STRONGLY at you at a moment's notice!)
#5: "Mystery Science Theatre is deranged."(I cannot STAND people who point out the obvious!)
#6: "Wanna cyber?" I think cybering is the grossest thing since the invention of Ren and Stimpy. Even IF I was considering having sex now(which I am NOT, if I do not get married I will go to my grave a virgin and proud of it!!) I would not do something perverted like that. If you IM me saying that, I WILL respond w/ some sarcastic remark.
#7: I'm going to be serious for once here. Do not insult Christianity. You can not be a Christian, that is fine. In fact, if you are something else I'd be interested in hearing what you believe. I will never knock your religion, something which should be one of the most if not THE most important thing in your life, and I request the same in return.
#8: "Numair is ugly!" If you've read any of the Tortall books by Tamora Pierce, you may have become acquainted with the handsome and talented young mage Numair Salmalin...well, I have a crush on him! LIVE with it!
#9: "Wuzzup?" (Sorry, I jus do not like that phrase! :4) I'm fine with "HOw's it going, what's happening, how are you" and all other variations!)
#10: "You're weird!"(the reasons I have against this are the same as the ones for #5!) And I think that's all...... Why the heck did I come here?