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You are entering the Danina Zone. It is not a webpage for those easily frightened. If you value your sanity, turn back! Still here? Either you've already lost it, you're my friend(two things which tend to go well together) or you're an idiot. Ah well, welcome to all 3 types of you!

Who is this crazy person?

Greetings, reader! You may call me..
Oh, demmit, call me whatever you please. Everybody knows me differently. I'm known as Andrina(princess of Le Court de Fromage, so show some respect!) Kaluchiz, Mambi, "that odd girl who writes during lunch", and once in a while somebody even refers to me by the name written on me birth certificate..which, if we're dealing with somebody with Mariwuss(er, that is, MARIUS...thanks to Callie for that nickname and "Coslut" alias Cosette) brains who cannot deduce the obvious, is Danina.
I shall have fifteen years on September 17, 1999, and I attend a boring public school in the midst of Filthadelphia, PA...beter known to you geography whizzes as Philadelphia. I divide my time between swooning, obsessing, swooning again, scribbling, and even once in a while doing schoolwork..yes, yes, shocking I know.

Who am I?

We shan't go there...:4) As I've already stated, my name's Danina, and I'm often found physically inhabiting this ugly old town in southeastern Pennsylvania.

WHAT am I?

*THAT*, friends, is a question my parents have spent fifteen years attempting to figure out. :4) Mmm...what am I, then? I'm a Christian, a would-be writer, a full-time obsessor over the books and Broadway shows of Les Miserables(all TYRIL'S FAULT! She made me read the book!), Jane Eyre(again, Tyril Tyril Tyril is all to blame for telling me about the music..and my wonderful old English teacher who told me about the book.), Phantom of the Opera(now I place the blame squarely on both Rebecca and David), Jekyll and Hyde(EMILY'S fault!), The Secret Garden(AMY..)and most importantly THE SCARLET PIMPERNEL!!!(okay, this, I'll admit, is nobody's fault but mine own.) And I mean *full-time* obsessor...I haven't just memorized the music, I've memorized the books. ::grins::
Other fixations include any books by the wonderful Robin McKinley, Christian rock music(most especially Newsboys, Audio Adrenaline, Deliriou5?, Twila Paris, and the little-known but WONDERFUL Shaded Red!!), fantasy books in general--including The Dark is Rising series by Susan Incredible Cooper(okay, the incredible isn't on her birth certificate,well, at least not as far as I know..) I'm being slowly(and not entirely unwillingly) dragged toward obsession or at least crazed interest in "Highlander" and all works of Tim Burton by dear friends Chaumichele and Amy alias Anabel respectively.
How do I entertain myself? doubt my life appears extremely boring to the casual observer(provided said casual observer didn't run away screaming after ten minutes of conversation with me). I take walks(thinking of stories) and then come home and write out those stories(fanfictions mostly). I rack up giganticsize long distance bills talking au telephone with Jennuerite, Emily and occasionally Chaumichele, and as to the amount of time I spend online talking to Cat, Chaumichele, Jenuhurst, Jenn, Lisstings, the rest of the Cheese Court, Tyril, Escra and all the rest of you wonderful people brave or crazy enough to talk to me...well, just THANK PERCY for unlimited access. I spend far too much time au telephone with my best friend, Mimliss. I concoct dreadful plans to wreak unspeakable revenge upon Buccannneer Books for their unpardonable sin, striving(clearly uselessly) to keep up with the work created by The Violet Guild, and also figuring out new ways to make my fanfictions worthy of Jenn's signature "AAAAAAAAAAAAUUUUUUUUUUGGGGGGHHHHH!!"...let's just say I take Lisstings' quote to heart: "How many ways can you torture Percy?"
I linger about my wonderful Youth Group(hello and God bless all of you!!) and in the summers have a junior counseling job with the sweetest kids imaginable(and they shall retain this title until they go into my bag and decide it would be amusing to play frisby with Miss Dani's "Scarlet Pimpernel" CD..) I'm taking communicants class and shall, God willing, become a member of my church in the summer. La and sink me, but I believe those are all the basic facts about this odd little person whose page you, unfortunate traveller, have arrived at!

A quote to leave you with..:
This is a line from my favorite poem, "Ode" by W.E. O'Shaughnessy
"We are the music-makers.
And we are the dreamers of dreams
Wandering by lone sea-breakers
And sitting by desolate streams.
World-losers and world-forsakers
On whom the pale moon gleams.
Yet we are the movers and shakers
of the world forever, it seems."
That's the first verse of my favorite poem, the demmed thing is quoted in full on the Quotes page.

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