J.V.J(Jean Venerators Justified!)
J.V.J--Jean Venerators Justified!!

For everyone who's ever caught their breath at the sweetness of "Bring Him Home", sobbed harder at the end of Les Miserables then at Eponine's and Javert's deaths put together, screamed insults at Cosette and Marius for leaving Valjean alone, or otherwise acted in a manner to make other Mizzies look at them as though they were crazy, I bring you the fan club for the most important and under-appreciated character in Les Miserables. Welcome to J.V.J--Jean Venerators Justified!!

Motto: Well, let's see YOU try to come up with an interesting acronym for letters like JVJ!

Substantially More Inspirational Motto:

There's twenty places to go...(well, not yet)

Alrighty, NONE of the links work yet..as soon as school is over I *swear* I am goingto get this page and the Ffoulkesy one up and running. REALLY.

Yes, there IS a method to our madness. Why We Love Jean Valjean

Beautiful Passages about Jean Valjean

Come in, sir, for you are weary... The first meeting of Monseigneur Bienvenieu and our hero

What Have I Done? Jean Valjean's thoughts after forgiveness

A man your age to be as strong as you are... Jean rescues Fauchelevent from beneath the cart(note his sad smile!!)

In His name, I will see it done! Valjean rescues Fantine...

Who Am I? Jean Valjean wrestles with his conscience.

Valjean, at last! Fantine's death and Javert and Valjean's "confrontation"..

I have come to help Cosette...Valjean and Cosette's first meeting(everybody say "Awwww....") and later on Valjean's rescue of her

I will sing you lullabies and wake you in the morning...Valjean and Cosette's happy life directly after the Thenardiers(Will everyone who would like to stop time for Jean Valjean RIGHT THERE please raise their hands? Thank-you.)

Fanfictions Etc.

A Withered Heart
A short dialogue, in play form, between Mme Victurnien(the woman who, in the book, gets Fantine dismissed) and..who else?..M. le Maire!

My huge, cheezy, over-ambitious undertaking of a Valjean romance